Dementia knocks at our door when we reach old age. If you are in the presence of some older person who soon does not know where the conversation was going or if you see it for a long time contemplating something and asking the same questions over and over again, it probably means you have memory loss. There is a problem that must be treated with a lot of patience and expertise.

In-home care Austin we know that this cognitive degeneration occurs due to many factors: age, of course, which makes the process of fixing new information slower or nonexistent, the influence of some medication that is taking, a secondary cause of diseases that affect directly the brain or, last but not least, by some unfortunate event like the loss of the couple or a forced retirement. Home care Austin shows you some tips for caring for your elderly with dementia.


Caring for the elderly is different now than it was a few years ago. Home care Austin professionals are able to deal with any problem of this type, helping the affected person learn new things such as painting, singing, doing theater, or some other manual activity, in a few words stimulating their memory. The fact of being an older person does not imply that there is a limit to implementing our skills with the right help and a lot of patience. Having close contact people and talking about what is done during the day is also a good exercise to keep the memory active.

Family members should try to provide the elder with a letter of identity or basic information in case of disorientation and loss so that others can get in contact and avoid major problems. Home care for the elderly is presented as one of the best options. In most situations, removing an octogenarian from his or her usual place may be the beginning of the end, and that is why it is recommendable that they continue in their homes.


To make an older person feel comfortable and at ease, not to bother with him and to be sympathetic to the problem, to let him do the activities that were being done but under supervision without feeling that he is losing his autonomy and independence can drastically improve the attitude with the one that faces the loss of memory. It is necessary to maintain an effective communication avoiding that the person feels uncomfortable. It is recommended to speak clearly, loudly and slowly. Home care Austin workers are aware of this. If the memory loss is slight, there are still possibilities to treat it. In case of a major problem, it is preferable to consult a doctor.


As it is likely to happen, the faces of those around the older person will seem unfamiliar. For this reason, it is advisable to repeat the name of each person several times and guide him as many times as necessary. Personal objects should always be in the same place and avoid sudden changes as well as fill the room with photos and memories to make it easier to keep memories.

One of the best exercises proposed by our experts in home care for the elderly is to take a calendar and place the calendar with watches in all visible places of the house to go associating the hours with certain activities such as breakfast, pills, the games, some television program, etc.

Check our profile page of home care Austin without the commitment to meet our staff, they are waiting for you and are trained to answer your questions and make this unpleasant experience a treatable problem with the best result: your happiness and the happiness of your old people. It is normal that you want your loved ones to be in the best professional hands, for that reason, at us we offer you the most personalized and professional attention possible. We choose the caregiver that best suits the needs of your elders through a small free evaluation with our social coordinator. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will make a free estimate!

Home care Austin want the best for you and your family, and that is synonymous with providing a professional service of excellent quality, which includes reminders, activities, food, accompaniment, vigils, personal hygiene, company, and monitoring. If you want to know more about what we offer, we invite you to continue reading. Only then will you convince yourself that we are the best option for home caregivers in Barcelona for your loved ones of the third age.


Did you know that all of our home caregivers are qualified as nursing assistants? So is. So you can feel in complete confidence to leave in our hands the health of your loved ones because we will take care of all the basic nursing tasks and their medication. Among the responsibilities that we have, are preparing the blister packs according to medication planning, taking blood pressure, controlling sugar levels using the glucometer, healing possible wounds, and note and monitor the values.


One of the biggest challenges older adults face is to maintain an active life both physically and mentally. This task is done uphill if they live alone, but together with a caregiver, these activities become pleasant. Stretches and walks for joint mobility and exercises metals, cognitive, memory and speech are just some of the many things we can do both inside and outside the homes of the elderly to help them live fully.


A nurse at home care Austin also takes care of his patient’s personal hygiene. It helps you brush your teeth, shower, shave, change your clothes, or whatever else you need when grooming and personal care is concerned.

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