Rove Concepts’ Table Series – 5 top Options for You

One thing that unites you as a family is your dining table. That’s where you meet at least twice a day. Since it is such a special item, you should ensure that it looks beautiful and elegant. We own Mid Century Modern Dining Table products here on Our dining tables are magnificent. They have class and beauty too. You just have to browse our exclusive Kure Collection to see this in details. If you want a new dining table, we have very unique designs that most of your friends and relatives will salivate for. Just browse our table options and you will be spoilt for choice. Meanwhile, we will discuss some of our fantastic dining tables.

Tulip table series

This is one of our most popular table collections. Tulip tables are many and feature different designs. They are inspired by Finnish and the American mid-century furniture building. Tulip tables mostly come with a uniquely cute single pedestal base. It is mostly made of strong cast aluminum to support a bulky table top. Some have a wood pedestal base or a walnut top. The top manufacturing material can vary widely, such that some tables have marble tile top such as carrara. Others have a walnut top, calacatta top or lacquer top. Some of the best products are: oval Tulip table-Calacatta, Tulip Table-lacquer, Tulip Table-Walnut and Tulip Table-Marble. Make sure that you get a pedestal table from our Tulip collection. The width, depth and height measurements are already mentioned.

Winston Dining Table- 48 inches

This table has very unique beauty and features. It borrows its designing cues from the mid-century architecture, especially the aesthetics part. It also offers an unpretentious, contemporary look. Offering a single pedestal base, this dining table has an uncluttered bottom. It is sophisticated in style and has a white lacquer top that makes you want to look back at the Scandinavian woodwork. This special mid century modern dining table measures 48 inches by 48 inches by 30.1 inches (Width, Depth and Height).

Dana Dining Table

This beautiful table has a very simple-looking design. It is elegant though, due to it affluent walnut veneer top and a dark base. The two make a statement in the most dominant manner. This table could brighten up your home as it is a stylish centerpiece all by itself. Measuring 39.4 inches wide, 39.4 inches deep and 29.9 inches high, the Dana Dining Table boasts a classic tri-pod design and sturdy, strong base. You can keep more chairs around it.

Cyclone Dining Table

The distinctive disparity of construction materials and the angular base are a complete evidence of modernist styles. This table has beveled edges and a strong and durable steel wire and cast iron base. Aesthetically striking, the cyclone dining table is totally functional and a beautiful mid-century piece to add to your lovely dining room. It is 42.5 inches wide x 42.5 inches deep and 28.4 inches high. This table has the best American architectural design traces and it is super elegant.

Karel Dining Table

This sort of table suits your modern home. It is refined and beautiful, and boasts a dark walnut veneer that looks extremely smooth and beautiful. The veneer has a detachable panel too, that is hardly visible. Elevated by matte polished legs boasting the most unique shape, the Karel Dining Table is durable and lovely. The legs are grey and powder-coated and the width can be extended up to 70.9 inches to enable you use more dining chairs.

There are several mid century modern dining table selections on our website. If you want to view all of them, feel absolutely free to visit us. We are totally reliable when it comes to customer care and we accept all questions from you.